Stay Ahead by Steve Sage, 2018 New York

Free Writing by Ela Thier ,2018 New York

The Riveside Bench by Austin Chang 2018,New York

The Last O.G. tv show by Brad Kohlestein 2018,New York

Clarences Curios by Josh Sargent 2018,New York

The Choice by Debra Markovitz, 2017, New York.
Laying Low by Hang H. Kim, 2017, New York.
Mortal Wound by Frank Dale Arroyo, 2017. New York.
3 Minutes by Michael Medrinos, 2016, North Carolina.
Birr by Joe Mhz, 2016, New York.
By Blood by Debra Markovitz, 2016, New York.
Hello by Ana Atanassova, 2016, New York.
Lone by Russ Carmada, 2016, New York.
The Brothers Molina by Jamie Canobbio, 2016, New York.
Yellow Water by Emanuele Michetti, 2015, New York  on Amazon Prime
Remember Me by Cecily Mihok-Trenca, 2015, New York.
Reverend by Iorgo Papoutsas, 2015, New York.
Chosen by Debra Markovitz, 2015, New York.
Neon Light by Bradley Bixer, 2015, New York.
Addictions by Emanuele Michetti, 2015, New York on Amazon Prime
Lily’s Secret by Emanuele Michetti, 2015, New York on Amazon Prime
Stand up Guy by Steve Sage, 2015, New York on Amazon Prime
IM.MU.NI.TY by Alyn Darnay, 2015, New York.
Anemone by Deukyung Hwang, 2015, New York.
Junkie Heaven by Steve Sage, 2015, New York On Amazon Prime
B.I.I.D by Ben Lazarus, 2013, New York.
The Hunting of Helena by Christian Bisceglia & Ascanio Malgrini, 2012, Rome. Italy.
Krokodyle by Stefano Bessoni, 2012, Rome, Italy.
Abbi Cura Di Te by Lorenzo Corvino, 2012, Rome, Italy
Asylum by Francesco Erba, 2012, Rome, Italy.